Delivering Excellence in Legal Services

Your Trusted Law Firm in South Sudan.


Contract Drafting

Expertly crafting various types of contracts including car sales, leases, employment agreements, and land sales.


Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Skilled in advising clients on whether to pursue legal action or seek alternative dispute resolution methods, ensuring successful outcomes.


Legal Opinion Writing

Providing comprehensive legal opinions for private investors and entities considering business operations or employing foreigners in South Sudan.


Companies and Organization's Registration

Assisting with the incorporation process by drafting necessary articles and memorandum of associations, obtaining required licenses and certificates.


Employment Services

Offering employers due diligence services, drafting employment contracts, and handling labor-related litigations with expertise and efficiency.

Delivering Excellence in Legal Services

The Advanced Attorneys & Legal Consultants is a Law Firm that was established in February 2023 and is based in Hai-Thora, Juba, South Sudan. The Firm offers various legal services such as drafting contracts and legal opinions, representing clients in the courts of law, incorporating companies, and registration of all kinds of organizations, legal consultancies, and engaging in any other law-related business.

The Law Firm seeks to serve its clients diligently and satisfactorily. We at the Advanced Attorneys & Legal Consultants firmly believe that doing so will ensure that a sustainable relationship with the Firm’s clients is maintained.

Practice areas

Human Rights and International humanitarian laws

Commercial law

Corporate Law / Company law

Litigation (both civil and criminal litigation)

Labour law

Land law

Oil and Gas law (Petroleum Law)

Banking law

International law

Mining law

Contract law

Constitutional law

Intellectual property law

Environmental law

Law of agency

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